Pete Cox - About Me

When I am not behind the lens I love to surf where I live in North Devon with my beautiful wife and two daughters who are a big part of my life. When me and Sarah met it was pretty much love at first sight and a few adventures to Italy later we got engaged and tied the knot in 2004. It is hard to explain the bond between two people but sometimes it is ment to be. This is how I approach a wedding day, not just to work on another job, but to connect and tell a story about a beautiful couples love for each other. 

I picked up my first decent camera at the age of 21, this was when it was all still film and started shooting anything that caught my eye. Travelling through Africa, Europe and North America with my camera in hand taught me about what made a great photograph. My best photos have been great moments, moments that show the heart and will never be seen again. 




My Work

I believe in a very much 'Proofs in the Pudding' sort of thinking. Couples have booked me because they love my style and relaxed way of working. The best way to see my work is to look at my portfolio. This will show you how I shoot a wedding day, like a motion picture I create stories. If your unsure about anything please get in touch.

Meet me

If you want to meet to talk through your wedding day than just get in touch using the contact form. I tend to only do two wedding fairs a year which is another way of meeting me and seeing my work. Please contact me for dates of these.

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